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Insurance Schemes

Insurance Schemes

Volume based, highly profitable value adding insurance schemes that work

Seico are specialists in providing high value, low cost insurance schemes to partners with large customer bases.

Our schemes provide an extra service to customers at a much reduced rate. They generate significant revenues for our partners and require virtually no administrative cost.

Our insurance schemes have been successfully used as:

  • A free incentive offer to drive increased sales
  • An ancillary service or benefit generating extra revenue
  • An additional product to offer that introduces a new revenue stream
  • A proven way of reducing customer churn


Seico Insurance Schemes Benefits

  • Our partners benefit by providing their customers with a relevant, high value, low cost insurance policy product – adding a significant contribution to their revenue
  • The schemes are easy to administer and take up no overhead so the revenue goes straight to the bottom line
  • The customers receive an insurance cover that is designed for them and fully underwritten, at a fraction of the cost that they could buy it for themselves
  • There is a high degree of customer satisfaction with the policies provided and a proven reduction in churn from customers who are benefiting from the schemes compared to those that do not
  • The underwriters receive business on policies with significant volume levels that enable them to assess the risks and claims histories across industry averages thus enabling them to commit to low unit costs
  • The full extent of administration required by our partners is to simply send through the full list of customers to be included in the scheme each month

We are interested in speaking to partners who invoice a high volume of customers on a monthly basis and wish to generate significant additional revenue by expanding their service provision. If that is you then get in touch to find out how we can work together.


Check Out Our Case Studies

If you would like some examples of how our schemes work then take a look at our case study section. We have examples of bill protector schemes, customer incentive schemes and more.


Find Out More

If you think that your business could benefit from an add-on insurance policy offering and would like to find out more about our insurance schemes contact us to find out more.


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