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Starr Trust


The Starr Trust

The Starr Trust supports young people aged 10–18 to fulfil their potential in sports, arts and education by giving a helping hand to achieve their goals at a time when they really need it.

In practical terms this means:

  • Awarding financial grants of up to £5,000 for young people in need
  • Providing training and development of skills
  • Facilitating connections and mentoring

The aim of the charity is to encourage independent thinking, entrepreneurship and a social conscience in young people through all their activities. The Starr Trust believe in a world in which young people are supported to achieve their fullest potential; where they flourish as individuals whilst making a positive contribution to their community and in turn are recognised for their achievements. The charity relies on the energy and generosity of all their supporters and guarantee to turn donations into an amazing opportunity for a local young person.

Seico founded the Starr Trust in 2008 and funds all its running costs so that every penny donated by the general public and businesses directly helps the young people we support. The Starr Trust is integral to us as a business. We are a socially responsible company not only in terms of the products we offer and the way we treat customers but as well in our commitment to and passion for our charity.

We believe in putting things back and have derived a far greater benefit from running The Starr Trust than we could ever measure in pure financial terms.



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